Cost Segregation Services

If you plan to construct, purchase or upgrade your commercial building or rental property, contact us to discuss a "cost segregation" study. The purpose of a cost segregation study is to segregate costs related to buildings into categories of equipment, with an emphasis on identifying property where the shorter 5, 7 and 15 year accelerated methods can be used, rather than the normal 39 year straight-line depreciation allowed for "buildings". Normally, the extra costs of the study are easily paid for by tax savings in the first few years after the property or upgrades are placed in service. However, a cost segregation study may not be beneficial for everyone depending on the specific facts and circumstances for Company and its owners, such as: cost of the property or upgrade, type of activity involved (passive or active), how long the company plans to hold on to the property, etc. If you would like additional information regarding cost segregation studies and whether you would benefit from such a study, please feel free to contact us.

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