candid1Business Income Tax Preparation and Planning

We can help your small or medium-sized business reduce the amount you pay in taxes by working with you to develop efficient strategies during the preparation and planning phases. Our goal in providing this service is to maximize your savings, allowing you to grow your business more efficiently and generate more revenue.

Individual Income Tax Preparation and Planning

Individual tax returns can be complicated, which means that filing a tax return on your own can put you at risk for missing out on the savings you’re entitled to. Our experienced team of CPAs provide high-quality tax preparation and can help reduce the amount you pay in future taxes. No returns are too complex; we can assist with everything from the simplest forms to the most intricate of returns.

Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Preparation and Planning

In order to properly prepare your estate to be passed on, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced professional. Our team of accountants have the specialized training and knowledge necessary to develop an effective strategy for passing on your estate and can help you file and plan your estate, trust, and gift tax returns. We can help you ensure that your estate is passed on to loved ones with minimal tax interference.

Payroll Taxes

If you’re a small business owner, your biggest responsibility is growing your business. Allow yourself more time to invest in your company by learning how to complete your payroll taxes efficiently. We can help you understand the complexities of payroll tax reporting as well as the mandatory compliance requirements you’ll need to meet as a business owner. By better understanding how payroll tax reporting works, you’ll be able to complete the process more efficiently and spend more time growing your business.

Sales and Use Tax

As the owner of a business, it’s up to you to stay in compliance with state sales and use tax laws. These regulations can be very complex however, which can make it risky for business owners to take on this task alone. Our team of certified public accountants can help you adhere to these requirements and assist in keeping your business in good standing with respect to your tax payments.

Business Personal Property Tax Listing

When operating a business, it is your responsibility to compile a complete list of business assets on a yearly basis. This process can be very intensive however, especially as a business owner with many other tasks to complete. Our CPAs can assist with the preparation of this document and help your company stay in compliance with the property tax laws that apply in your county.

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