Collecting Vital Information

You should consider organizing information such as: passwords to critical files, accounts, etc.; location of insurance policies; deeds; birth certificates; credit and bank card information (in case stolen) etc. into a document that can be accessed in an emergency and/or shared with those who may need the information. Please visit and click on Resources/Vital Information Collection Checklist. There you will find a sample worksheet to use to gather this information. It is imperative once the worksheet is completed to inform someone where to find it. This could be a spouse, child, parent, etc. Also, consider asking your parent(s), children or other such individuals who may need your assistance in an emergency, to complete a worksheet as well, attaching any useful information and either return the list to you or secure it in a designated place so you'll know where the information is when needed. If you have compiled such information in the past, you may need to review and update the information.