If you do not have a current will, the State has written a will for you. This could result in financial hardship to your family and a division of property in a manner inconsistent with your wishes. Further, laws change periodically. As a result, wills should be updated at least every 10 years.

WITH CHILDREN: In North Carolina, if a husband with a wife and 2 young children dies without a will, the spouse receives $15,000 and ONLY one-third of all of the husband's possessions. The remaining two-thirds goes to the children. In addition, since the children are minors, the wife must go to court and report each year how she is handling the children's funds.

WITHOUT CHILDREN: In North Carolina, if a husband and wife have no children, but the husband has living parents, if he dies, all cash and property in excess of $25,000 is split with the husband's parents. Contact your attorney for will preparation and advice.